Professional English

The importance of English Language in the modern era need not be emphasized. The whole world is linked today by the extensive use of English Language. Therefore, English as a field of study is now the focal point of contemporary culture even in Nepal. Active and effective participation in any society depends on the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment in a wide range of contexts.

The main focus of the English Language courses is to enable all aged learners to communicate effectively and accurately in real life situations for which we put emphasis on variation in speech, vocabulary, structures, conversational acts and discourse.

Professional English Courses are for people who are considering career in business or for people who are already employed in the industry, commerce, public service or for people who need English in their jobs. The courses focus on everyday communication needs of learners and build confidence and fluency to carry out-day to-day tasks in English

Please download our General & Advanced English Brochure for further details.

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