Practical Accounting & Taxation

One of the most sought jobs in the job market these days is of the professional accountants.   Accounting can be defined as a process of recording, classifying and summarizing financial transactions of a business in such a manner that the results of its operations and financial position can be ascertained at the end of the given period, and communicate them to various users.

Good Account Officer and Accountants are the outcomes of good and practical knowledge of accounting course. They are the one to handle day to day Records of daily Book-keeping and Accounting, Posting them to Journal and Ledgers, Preparing Trial Balance and Final Accounts.

Since these are the basic requirements to produce financial reports  and these are to be reported to the concerned person of the organization, the practical training in accounting course is a must for a deemed accountant.

Our course provides not only the practical knowledge on accounting procedure but also helps the participants implement it in the real business scenario.

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Applied Accounting ( General - Advanced )