Corporate Programs

We have a strong belief that human resource is the most important resource that can determine the success of a company. National Institute of Management Excellence (NIMe) is a management solutions provider through Training and Development approach we serve the needs of Corporate Community by organizing short as well as long term training programs. The motive behind this approach is to help the companies generate maximum output from the development of their human capital.

We offer professional development and continuing education courses for career enhancement and personal career growth. We also provide performance improvement seminars and workshops customized to employee groups for the growth, development, and refinement of the organizations. We offer an enviable opportunity to make training programs completely the permanent assets of the companies we work for. Your search for professional development opportunities for your employees ends once you give us a chance to render our services. We understand that it is of vital importance that organizations update the skills and knowledge of their intellectual capital. Our programs cater the needs and challenges in value effective formats. (NIMe) is committed to excellence in education, a commitment upon which you can base your trust and ensure the progressive development of your employees. We invite you to speak with us to assist you and your organization, no matter the size, to find intelligent business solutions that meet your needs and we are right there for you! Please, see What's New section at the right side of the webpage for the information about Current Corporate Programs.